We are currently developing a film that uses the persuasive and visionary world-building capacity of filmmaking to imagine a future in which the prison industrial complex (hereafter PIC) and police state, as we know them, have been abolished. As we understand it, the PIC is but a symptom of a greater culture of white supremacy, capitalism, and colonialism, which benefits from the policing, incarceration, free labor and death of black and nonblack people of color, queer and trans people, differently abled people, poor people, etc. We believe it is essential to work with those who are most affected by, and already organizing around, these issues of incarceration and policing, in order to create media that furthers a radical vision of a compassionate future. We are aware that both imagining and realizing such a future requires not just the literal abolition of the PIC, but the reorientation of all aspects of society towards liberation. Reformation is impossible in a system designed only to control marginalized bodies. We need to build life-affirming alternatives. Film is an excellent mechanism to explore possibilities, and this film will be a collaborative experiment in what could be.

Structurally, the film will use a series of vignettes across regions and temporalities. It will dip in and out of time and place, to explore the ways that communities have rebuilt and reorganized themselves without an exploitative police state. For each vignette, we seek to partner with a local organizer, group or community already working towards a facet of our liberated future, in order to collaboratively tell a story that magnifies and strengthens the efforts of that group. A collaboration with Sensory Organizing Project on this film will be reciprocal, organic, and responsive to the unique needs, concerns, and expertise of our partners. We aim to make our filmmaking process a form of coalition building in itself, connecting our networks and extending the reach of our collaborators’ organizing.

Each vignette will stand on its own, and also fit together into a larger puzzle of how to imagine a future free of fascism. A future that we can create for ourselves, that reflects our values, hopes and dreams. A future that is a result of our ongoing struggle against repression. A film to reveal that collective change is possible, and that there is something to fight for.

We are interested in exploring how these topics will look in this liberated future. In all of these we need to understand what roles the PIC plays, and how we can replace them. Please contact us if you are interested in talking about and collaborating on any of the following:

Energy and the environment - Food, agriculture and farming - Industry, labor and the economy - Family, relationships and community - Healthcare and mental health - Education - Community defense - Media and information - Art and culture
We believe that films can change the world, or at least do an excellent job of facilitating, and communicating, other modes of world-changing. We are a consensus-based, collaboration-driven, volunqueer run media collective focused primarily on creative and experimental nonfiction video and audio storytelling that advances local organizing projects and causes.

Sensory Organizing Project pursues projects in three main areas. First, we work collaboratively with local organizations and non-profits to make media that supports and extends their work of building a more just world. In conjunction with this, we provide documentation and media services that capture and broadcast the work that organizers and non-profits are already doing. Lastly, we work independently as a collective to pursue longer-form video and analog projects that creatively express suppressed narratives, and investigate and critique institutions and ideologies in our communities.

We are dismantling the cis-hetero white capitalist patriarchy, with video.

If you are an activist, organizer and/or educator in the Portland area, Sensory Organizing Project is looking to collaborate with you. If you are a creative, artist, and/or time-based media-maker who wants to put your talents and passions into action at the intersection of art and revolution, Sensory Organizing Project is looking to collaborate with you, too.

While the work we do is significant to our hearts, we also need to eat. We have a sliding scale payment structure, with money going to equipment, rental, and website fees. We are willing and able to work with you, let’s talk.